6 Common Mistakes in Custom Software Development and How to Avoid Them.

January 9, 2023

6 Common Mistakes in Custom Software Development and How to Avoid Them.

In any project we have to develop in life, it is best to have a well-planned and structured approach to how we will carry it out in order to create it in the best way possible. Imagine how a movie would turn out or how much it would cost to build a house without a script or a pre-existing design.

On this occasion, we present some recommendations for you to have a software development of any kind, with better results for your team and your client.

1 Not having a clear project plan: it is important to have a well-defined and detailed project plan before starting to develop the software. This plan should include clear objectives, realistic deadlines, and a list of tasks and responsibilities for each team member.

By having a clear project plan, it is easier to avoid confusion and delays during software development.

2 Not involving the client in the development process: it is important to involve the client in the software development process to ensure that a product is being built that meets their needs and expectations.

3 Make sure to keep the client informed about the project's progress and regularly obtain their feedback.

4 Ignoring changes in client requirements: client requirements can change during the software development process, and it is important to be prepared to handle these changes effectively.

Make sure to have a clear process in place to handle and document changes in client requirements in a timely manner.

5 Not performing adequate testing: testing is a crucial part of the custom software development process.

Make sure to conduct thorough testing to ensure that the software works properly and meets the client's requirements.

6 Not having a maintenance and support plan: custom software development requires a maintenance and support plan to ensure that it continues to function properly and to resolve any issues that may arise.

Make sure to have a plan in place to provide long-term support and maintenance for the developed software.

If you already have experience in software development, you know that all these recommendations are very valid to avoid others from stumbling as we have done. But what other recommendation do you think is necessary to live in the world of development more effectively?



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