How mobile application development is carried out

August 4, 2022

How mobile application development is carried out

Mobile application development allows businesses and entrepreneurs to have a greater online presence and provide a personalized user experience to their customers with the goal of creating a clear differentiation from their competition and improving engagement with their brand.

That's why today we want to talk to you about how mobile application development is carried out from scratch and its importance in your digital marketing strategy.

What is mobile application development?

The development of a mobile application is a set of processes and procedures that involve writing code for mobile computing devices, such as tablets, smartphones, watches, and other devices.

Importance of mobile application development

The process of developing mobile apps is important because it allows the creation of applications that connect us between users, help us to boost our creativity, provide entertainment and fun to our lives, and allow us to securely store all our information.

Furthermore, it is a way to promote the growth of society with technology that makes our lives easier in every aspect.

Another important factor is that they allow us to browse the internet, edit images and videos, make online purchases, listen to music, and even find our soulmate.

Characteristics of mobile application development

Of course, when developing applications for mobile devices, it is necessary to consider a series of characteristics that will make the app user-friendly and efficient. These are:

  • Optimal design.
  • Constant updates.
  • Offering unique benefits to the user.
  • Having offline or no internet access functions.
  • Providing the best data protection and security.
  • Having a marketing team behind it that promotes it.

By meeting these characteristics, users will be able to enjoy an appropriate UX and become customers or followers of the brand.

Stages of mobile application development

Now we will analyze the stages for the development of mobile apps.

Stage 1: Budget

The first thing you should do is create a basic budget that will serve to know if the app will be large-scale or simple.

Stage 2: The idea

It is the stage where you will have to analyze the user's needs and the problems you are going to solve.

Stage 3: The provider or developer

Look for an expert in development applications with experience who can create a solid app that will help you achieve your goals.

Stage 4: Requirements analysis

It consists of defining with the development team the functions and screens of each section of your mobile application.

Stage 5: App planning

This stage will be based on the activity calendar for the development of your mobile app, considering the launch date.

Stage 6: UX and app design

The content is planned based on the user experience, and a graphic design or sketch of what the app will be is created.

Stage 7: Application development

It is the stage in which the developer generates the app code and makes the first visible sample of what it will be in function.

Stage 8: Testing

Tests are performed to verify that the app is secure, of quality, and works well on all devices.

Stage 9: App launch

Once approved, the app is launched on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Stage 10: Maintenance

Finally, it is updated, and errors that may arise in its use are corrected. If you need to develop a mobile app, at Appgoritmo we have a team of experts capable of creating solid and functional applications for your business. Contact us for more information.



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