How to do Local SEO: Ultimate 8-step guide.

January 15, 2022

How to do Local SEO: Ultimate 8-step guide.

Doing local SEO is one of the best ways to gain search engine rankings to reach people who are near your physical business and who require your products or services.

And today we'll show you how to apply local SEO to your online business.

You'll see 8 foolproof steps to appear in the top positions on Google and get more organic traffic and customers that improve the profitability of your business.

But, first of all...

What is local SEO?

Local SEO consists of a series of techniques and strategies for local positioning so that a website appears in the top positions of SERPs in geolocated searches, making it easier for people to find their products or services.

For example, if a user searches in their browser "pet store in Guadalajara," the places with Google My Business listings with geolocation in that city will appear.

That way, the person finds the store where they can buy a pet and the business gains a new customer.

How to do local SEO for free in 8 steps

Now let's see how to do local SEO step by step in an effective and proven way.

Step 1: Optimize On-Page SEO

Remember that On-Page SEO will always contribute to the Google algorithm giving greater relevance to your website and everything you do.

So you should strive to offer quality content, a fast-loading website, good SEO architecture, and all the practices you already know.

Step 2: Include the location of your business in your content

Combining your main keywords with the location of your company will be much more effective.

For example, if you want to position yourself for "pet store" and you live in Jalisco, write your content with the keyword "pet store in Jalisco."

Step 3: Register with GMB (Google My Business)

Create a listing on Google My Business so that you appear on Google Maps and geolocated results.

It's important to add every accurate detail to your listing to improve results.

Step 4: Ask for Google reviews from your customers

When your customers leave positive reviews on Google for your business, you gain more relevance and other users can trust your company.

Step 5: Always use the same NAP

The NAP (name, address & phone) or name, address, and contact phone number should always be the same on all your online profiles: website, GMB, social media, etc.

To avoid mistakes, copy and paste the information.

Step 6: Geolocate your images is a website where you can upload your image and give it a code that indicates the exact coordinates of your company.

Step 7: Add a Google map to your website

Add a map where users can see where to locate you in your contact section. This will also help Google know that this address corresponds to your business.

Step 8: Register your business in local directories

Finally, register in any local directory so that users can reach you in any way. This will also indicate to Google that your company is trustworthy and real, improving SEO.

Remember to use the same NAP.

We can do local SEO in Mexico for your company

If you don't know how to do local SEO in-house, at Appgoritmo we can help you.

We create GMB listings, give you technical SEO guidance, and put your website in the best state of Core Web Vitals to help you rank. Contact us now.



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