40 mil senos Mezcal
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40 mil senos Mezcal
Develop an interactive website, with an online store, blog and a recipe book
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Áreas que Intervinieron | Front End / SEO / Fotografía
40 thousand breasts mezcal, is a Mexican brand of artisan mezcal, with a bold and attractive identity.

The first need of the brand was to have a website totally different from the others, from the identity to the experience within the website.

Although it is a project in development, the first version has the graphic design delivered by Bin Agency, already adapted for multi-device mobile browsing, it can be viewed for Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or mobile phones.

The website tells a story that takes you through all its navigation, loading the elements that in this way tell the process of an artisan mezcal, until you reach its store, recipe book and blog. It is a totally dynamic and self-administered site, in its second stage, the blog and the recipe book will be created and finally the online store will be concluded.
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