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Easy Bookings
An application to book services with date and time + online payments.
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With Easy Bookings you will have better control over your schedule and serve more customers by giving them personalized attention from the moment they choose to book a service.

Your customers will be able to choose the date and time they want to come to your business, they will be able to pay for the service they are going to go for and you will be able to schedule your day to day in a better way.

This app will have the identity of your company, using the name, logo and colors that identify you. It is easy to administer to consult the reserved services, the registration of packages that you will offer to your clients, as well as the registered clients and the control to give the attention and register it on the platform once the client arrives at your business.

You will have full control of your business from an online system, with which your clients, your employees and you can have better control over the services you provide. Payments will go directly to your bank account, and you will be able to access your online platform from any device.

It has the creation of reports within the system, in this way you can review the movements made, and filter them by dates, services, employees and among other options.

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