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Develop a multi-user system for the management, sale and administration of travel assistance packages in Latin America.
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Áreas que Intervinieron | UX / UI / Back End / Front End
We developed a comprehensive system that included:

A web administrator for the system in general, connected to the global engine of the company.

A mobile application, thought from the UX, the UI working with the identity of the company. This platform was only for end customers who decide to hire their travel assistance through the app.

A web administrator for agencies related to the marketing of travel assistance offered by the company.

Said development was carried out in different stages, based on the analysis of the requirements and needs of the company and taking into account the profile of the client to whom it was directed.

Subsequently, work was done with the creation of a friendly interface, and designed using the identity of the company.

On the mobile platform, the user can:

-Create an account and have your user profile

-Search by dates, destinations and passengers and the system will show the recommended coverage for said search.

-The client can send the quote by mail and can also purchase it directly in the app, filling out a data form, and paying later with any type of card, in order to activate their policy.

-Call emergency numbers during your trip.

-Store the contracted packages.

Upon reaching the release stage, it was published on the App Store and Play Store platforms.

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