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Create a friendly online store with an easy purchase process for users of the physical store
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Áreas que Intervinieron | UX / UI / Back End / Front End / SEO / Capacitación
An Ecommerce cross-platform for Web and Android + iOS applications was created. Integrating in each one of them the products and promotions.

This platform has 4 applications that are delivered to the user: -Responsive Web Administrator: Administration Panel of the Application, where they can manipulate: clients, reports, inventory, products, categories, manufacturers, employees. It is the general administration panel to control the online store, both web and mobile.

-Web Platform: Ecommerce installed in a high-capacity hosting owned by Appgoritmo, in which it allows transactions with thousands of users at the same time within the platform, allowing payments with different methods, shipping configuration and customer registration.

-Mobile Platform (Android + iOS): Online store for mobile phones, which allow you to register with different methods, consult orders, payment methods, make purchases and receive at the door of your home or office.

An application launch campaign was created on social networks, using videos with animated graphics explaining how this application works.
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