What is free software and how does it benefit your business?

September 26, 2022

What is free software and how does it benefit your business?

Free software is the one that gives its users the open possibility to run, study, copy, modify, and distribute the software, meaning that it allows control over the application or program and everything it does.

In contrast, when a person acquires traditional software, they are actually purchasing a usage license, which means that it cannot be modified.

And this difference marks countless benefits for entrepreneurs and business owners who implement them in their process control and management systems.

Today we will show you what free software is and how it can benefit your business. So let's get started.

What is free software?

Free software is software whose source code can be analyzed, changed, and reused in any way for any purpose, including copying and distributing the program with some changes to its base.

In simpler terms, this free software allows users to use the program for any purpose without having to communicate it to the organization that created it.

Among its free features are:

-Freedom to use the software for any purpose.

-Freedom to study the program to know how it works and change its use.

-Freedom to distribute a copy of the software to any company or person.

-Freedom to improve the base program and share it with other users.

What is the main difference between free and semi-free software?

The main difference is that free software can be used by any company or person in any way they want, while semi-free software can only be distributed without profit, meaning without commercial purposes.

And this brings us to the characteristics of free software. Let's see.

What are the characteristics of free software?

These are the main characteristics of free software:

Freedom to run, copy, redistribute, analyze, modify, and improve the program.

Development of community-based code.

High-tech modular design.

Reusable source code.

With a free license.

Compatible with all hardware.

Provides absolute security.

Benefits of free software

Free software will benefit your company in multiple ways, including optimal process control and management, which translates into greater profitability in the short and long term.

And there are more benefits to implementing free software in companies:

Absolute security in personal data, which prevents invasion by hackers or viruses.

Open source software is transparent in its code, which benefits its function and possible future updates.

Reduces update costs, as users will not have to pay to enjoy the improved program. It also reduces hardware costs because it does not require high power and technology to function.

Guarantees the technological independence of the industry's major players, which allows autonomy in decision-making and having programs that adapt to the company's needs.

-They can be translated without problems.

-Increases the company's productivity.

In conclusion, free software guarantees continuous improvement of the processes and activities of a company.

If you want to implement it in your business, at Appgoritmo we have the best software developers who will create a solid and cheap platform for your operations. Contact us.



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